Our Story

Imaging Engineering, LLC has over 60 years combined experience in Medical Imaging with expertise in the design and development of imaging modalities including C Arms, R&F and DR systems.  Our current focus is on the development and sales of fluoroscopic imaging chain systems consisting of the detector (digital video camera or flat-panel detector), a digital interface device (providing a system and generator-collimator-detector interface) and software application that provides a user interface, DICOM worklist and archival functions.  We also specialize in consulting systems to OEMs in the medical x-ray business.  Working with our master distributor, we have already successfully provided upgrades to GE R&F tables to various US   locations.  Our fluoroscopic imaging chain products are the life support needed to update and revive aging fluoro technology which are quickly becoming obsolete in the GE Legacy/Advantx R&F and Precision 500D rooms.