Insight Essentials

Designed to keep fluoroscopy operations affordable for years to come. There are over 2,000 fluoroscopy rooms using obsolete and no longer available camera tubes. The degradation of these critical components impact patient dose and diagnosis. Insight Essentials is the only cost effective upgrade solution for these more than 2,000 fluoroscopy rooms.

Our camera based unique design interface will:

  • Upgrade GE Legacy/Advantx R&F Rooms
  • Uses state-of-the-art imaging chain components including Windows 10 OS
  • Provides Cyber Security protection
  • Reduce dose by 50%
  • Record up to 30 minutes of fluoro
  • Spot Images 0.5 to 6 FPS

FDA 510k cleared 6/10/19 (K191310)

Insight Essentials C

Imaging Engineering is working with OEMs to develop a new camera-based mobile C Arm focused on the pain-clinic market.  This product is designed to compete in this market populated by over 24,000 aging c arms that use end-of-life imaging chain components including CCD cameras and operating systems running on computers with MS Dos and other outdated versions of Windows.

Insight Essentials C is a works-in-progress product that is scheduled to be cleared by the FDA through a special 510(k) application and displayed at RSNA 2019.


Insight Enhanced

This imaging-chain system is essentially the same as Insight Essentials except that it is integrated with a 12 x 12 and 17 x17 inch dynamic flat panel detector (FPD).  Insight Enhanced is a retrofit imaging-chain product for the GE Legacy and P500 systems.  Upgraded R&F tables with Insight Enhanced can produce dose reductions and image quality improvements equivalent to new R&F tables that cost up to 4 or 5 times the price of a retrofit with Insight Enhanced.

Insight Enhanced is a work-in-progress product that is scheduled to be cleared by the FDA and displayed at RSNA 2019.

Insight Enhanced C

An FPD imaging chain product designed for mobile C Arms in the vascular/surgical market.  Imaging Engineering is working with an OEM to develop a new mobile C Arm to enter this market and compete with the aging installed base of C Arms with obsolete imaging chain components.  Insight Enhanced C is a works-in-progress product that is scheduled to be introduced in 2020.